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  - девелоперская и управляющая компания, которая ранее специализировалась на строительстве элитного жилья и коммерческой недвижимости, а в настоящее время реализует проект по возведению жилого дома для среднего класса.
       RGI International is a leading developer of residential and commercial property in Moscow and its surrounding area. Founded in 2006, the Company develops real estate of outstanding quality, working with internationally respected architects to create distinctive buildings constructed to the highest standard. The Company has its roots in the transformation of Ostozhenka from a previously unattractive part of the city into central Moscow’s ‘Golden Mile,’ one of the most sought after areas of Russia’s capital. Today, RGI is focused on applying its specialist skills and knowledge of the Moscow market to develop large scale residential projects, offering a better quality of living experience to the people of Moscow. 
RGI’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market.